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When long haired dogs don't get a proper grooming and brushing then the fur can get tangled and matted.  This makes life for your beloved friend very uncomfortable.  The matting can cause pulling on the skin, which will then result in the dog licking that area to try to relieve himself of the pain.  This will make matting worse and if left unattended can cause major skin irritation and disorder.  The only way to prevent matting is to brush the dog each day with an appropriate brush for your dog's coat followed by combing to make sure you have not missed any.  If you are not sure what is the appropriate brush, ask your groomer for advice on brushes and combs.

Sometimes fleas can be the cause of matting.  If the dog has an allergy and licks the area where he/she has been bitten the fur will get tangled up and matted. 

  If the dog is matted all over, as in the picture then the only option is to shave the dog very short .  You may find once matting has been taken off, particularly around the eye area, that the skin is red raw underneath.  This is the damage done by the fur pulling on the skin.  This may need some cream or solution to help the area to heal quickly.                                                                    
Dogs head is in the bottom right corner. You can see how an extremely matted coat can be removed in almost one piece!

If your dog is matted, your groomer will shave the mats off first before giving the dog a bath.  If you wash a matted dog it only makes the matting worse so please do not wash.   Because of lack of airflow between the mats and skin, this makes drying the skin properly virtually impossible thus creating a possible fungal infection as the mats trap the dampness against the skin creating a moist barrier.    If you start smelling a mildew smell, better call your groomer and get those mats out asap.

Any dog with long coats have a tendency for matting up and certain areas need to be given particular attention.  The areas most prone to matting are:-

  • Under the front shoulders - here the fur mats up as the dog moves it's legs and needs to be kept brushed regularly. .
  • Between the paws - sometimes the longer fur between the back and front pads clumps up and becomes matted.  
  • Under the belly - is also an area to watch out for.  The fur on the inside of the hind legs and around the tummy area is very prone to matting if not kept well brushed.  Sometimes little matt's start to appear. 
  • Tail - if long coated tails are not regularly brushed they will quickly matt up.  Some dogs have undercoat which does not get groomed out and on the surface it appears the dog is not matted however this coat matt's up very close to the skin and is then difficult to cut off, even with scissors thus is why we never recommend cutting our matting.  Make an appointment with your groomer for safe and effective relief for your furkid.   Regular grooming sessions will help prevent a lot of these problem areas of mats. 

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